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Bella  Ariella

 Claire Dames in Bondage  Bella Caroline Pierce

Flirty Delivery Girl - Claire & Damon engage in roleplay that finishes with a tricky bondage position



Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun - Ashley dons her Vampira costume and goes off to a Halloween party, where she encounters a party pooper. Break-In Bonus ~ Devon's looking to steal Aliana's computer, but he decides she's more fun to play with!  Aliana's still in her waitress uniform which looks a bit like a Hooter's outfit.  Good roleplay, two bondage positions, simulated sex, etc.
Honey, I'm Home! - 1950s housewife Angie objects to her husband's appearance!  Who's going to win this battle of wills? Bed Spread ~ A careless blonde forgets to lock her doors, and gets it coming and going.  Roleplay by Angie & Devon Savage.
Valentine's Day Manhandle - Ashley plans a special surprise for her boyfriend, but a neighbor shows up instead.  (Ashley picked Luc Wylder to do this roleplay with her.)  The Crass Co-Worker ~ Anastasia Pierce and her boyfriend Liam roleplay a secretary-in-bondage tale.  In this fantasy, Anastasia finds that the office jerk just won't take no for an answer.
Intruder Alert - Gorgeous blonde Angie Savage & her partner, Devon Savage, roleplay around the house. Revenge on the Secretary - A fired co-worker comes back and gives Anastasia what-for!  A roleplay acted out by Anastasia and her boyfriend Liam.
Ashley Renee & Guy DeSilvaThe Secretary Said No - Ashley Renee roleplays with Guy DeSilva, and aren't they cute together?  Ashley really likes being a secretary type, so we set her fantasy photo-story in an office setting.

The Waitress & the Ninja - A fun force roleplay with Claire Adams and her boyfriend Damon Pierce.  Jon stands in as the oblivious patron.

Not In The Mood - Angie tries to distract her boyfriend, then changes her mind when he gets too pushy! The Late Date - Aaliyah keeps Guy waiting for their big date, so he changes the evening's itinerary.  Roleplay with two different bondage positions.  
Amber Michaels bound by the plumberAmber and the Plumber - It's difficult to roleplay in a small space like this, but we managed!  Amber and her boyfriend Frank are very dynamic together and they always do great stuff with their performances. The Control Room - Anastasia Pierce & her boyfriend Liam roleplay some sexual conflict with wrestling, pinning & duct tape!
Amber Michaels is ravished by the gardenerThe Gardener - Amber Michaels and her boyfriend Frank roleplay a classic ravishment fantasy.  Amber rejects the gardener's advance, he tries to pull her clothes off, she resists, she ends up bound, he takes her from behind.  The Martial Arts Lesson - Angella Faith failed to address the instructor properly, so he took her to task.  This roleplay was easy to do because Mike Robbins brought all the props.

Deputy Damsel - Angie Savage pulls over wild driver Devon and they ham it up together!

An Unguarded Moment ~ Security guard Claire relaxes for a little bit, just enough time for intruder Damon to  get the upper hand!  Force roleplay with two simulated sex positions.  Claire and Damon are a couple so Damon did all the rigging on her himself.

Diner Waitress - Anastasia Pierce and Liam did this roleplay in which a dissatisfied customer grabs, fondles, binds and ravishes his waitress.  This is a real-life couple so they roleplay very well together.

Ski-Masked Man - Angie & Devon Savage are back for more roleplay, they really have fun with these shoots.  In this little story, Devon is the hooded bad guy.

Cheerleader in bondageCollege Cheerleader - Anastasia Pierce and her boyfriend Liam roleplay a bad date between a cheerleader and a leather-jacket greaser.  This couple is really good at getting into the fantasy... very theatric!

Angella Faith and Mike Robbins - force roleplayThe Bad Break-Up - As soon as she got a boyfriend who would do force roleplay with her, Angella phoned me and asked to do a photo day!  Angella and Mike really communicate conflict well.  And what great legs she's got!  

More Roleplay Photo Sets
Amber Michaels tickled and ravished by Frank Fortuna Amber Michaels chloroformed (chloro) Charlie Sierra, damsel in distress The Lady and the Outlaw Force Fantasy ravished nurse roleplay
Anastasia Pierce and her boyfriend Liam Anastasia and Liam's force roleplay Claire Adams in bondage tied by her boyfriend Hung Lo
Outtakes & Bloopers - We have a lot of fun at our shoots.  Every time I ask a couple to act out a force roleplay, the lady winds up doing a lot of giggling or goofing around!  Here are some funny outtakes; there are lots more in the member area.
Cheerleader Anastasia can't keep a straight face with Liam OUTTAKE - "what's so funny?"
Amber and Frank - outtake OUTTAKE - "calm down, Amber, I'm only getting the pricetag off your shoe" Anastasia starts to laugh OUTTAKE - dance break!
Force Fantasy Stories - The member area features stories by many different authors, exploring a variety of fantasy responses to the role-play photos. Archive Photosets - I still have the earliest photosets up. They're interesting to compare to current photos, to see how over time I've discarded my inhibitions as a photographer.  Models include Ashley Renee, Cathryn Beaumont and others.
Cathryn Beaumont Ashley Renee
Catalina L'Amour


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